Altınyağ Combine, Inc.


Producing vegetable oil as one of the oldest and long-established industrial enterprises of Turkey since 1962, Altınyağ joined Artı Investment Holding on its 50th year.

The amount of investment made by ÇEVİK Family in Altınyağ and its affiliate Gürtaş exceeded 53 million TL together with the shares acquired from the market. Artı Investment Holding has owned the Group A preference management shares of Altınyağ Company. With the investments made upon merger with Artı Investment Holding, as well as its vision orienting towards the global market, Altınyağ put the most important milestones in its history. Altınyağ ceased its packaged oil production for end user as from this date, and focused on raw vegetable oil production in global market, which it deemed more profitable. It has also started semi-refined vegetable oil production for biodiesel fuel production, which has an increasing demand in the market as an environmentally friendly raw and semi-finished product for cooking oil sector.
In its high technology plant located in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone, Altınyağ, with its experienced team, continues its production of raw vegetable oil, semi-refined and fully refined oil from oily vegetable seeds such as sunflower seed, soya bean, canola seed, linseed, flaxseed and also various oily seed oilcake, an indispensable source of feed sector. The plant of Altınyağ is an example and pioneering industrial enterprise with its production and service quality, extending over 31,000 square meter open area and 15,000 square meter covered area, and has a capacity of treating 140,000 tons of oily seed and refining 84 thousand tons of vegetable oil.