Compensation Policy

The Company has established the Personnel Compensation Policy by accepting the Labor Law dated 22.05.2003 numbered 4857. 

Within this framework;

The Severance Pay is provided to employees, or in the event of their death, to their legal inheritors, upon termination of employment for the reasons stipulated in the law numbered 4857. Those, who served for a certain period of time and are entitled to a severance pay, are paid on the basis of the relevant employee’s term of employment and wage as per the provisions of the relevant law. 

In reference to the Article 17 of the Law numbered 4857, Notice Pay is applied by;

(i) informing the employee prior to termination of employment in consideration of the seniority and providing a leave for seeking a new job, or

(ii) making a cash payment for the employee’s wage up to the end of the notice period.