Donation and Aid Policy

With the understanding of corporate social responsibility, Karsusan Karadeniz Aquaculture Industry, Inc. provides donations and aids in the form of in-kind and/or cash for the purpose of addressing and solving social, cultural, educational and environmental issues, helping the needful in times of emergency, thus aiming to support social development. 

All donations and aids by Artı Yatırım Holding are rendered to the following bodies and organizations in line with the company’s vision, mission and policies, as well as ethical principles and values. 

1- Public organizations and agencies with general and annexed budget, 

2- Provincial special administrations, 

3- Foundations that are granted tax exemption by the Council of Ministers, and the foundations considered beneficial to public interest, 

4- Organizations and institutions contributing to scientific research and development, 

5- Universities, educational institutions and organizations, 

6- Donation accounts established by the Prime Ministry following natural disasters and

7- Similar persons or organizations. 

A Board of Directors resolution is necessary for aids and donations exceeding 10,000 TL. The committees, departments and work groups of the Company may provide recommendations to the Board of Directors for aids and donations.