Ethical Rules

Karsusan Karadeniz Aquaculture Industry, Inc. Ethical Rules are the sum of values constituting the in-house behavioral culture regulating the affairs with personnel and the society in order to increase the reputation and service quality of the Company.

The ethical rules have been approved by the Board of Directors. These are the rules that all employees, primarily company managers must apply and guide the other employees to apply in all business affairs.

All employees primarily accept the importance of ethical rules and stick to such rules.


  • The aim of the company is to evaluate the investments of shareholders in the best way and to create an added value.
  • As a publicly traded company, it is run in compliance with the CMB regulation. Discrimination or abuse of shareholders and other parties is not allowed in any manner whatsoever.
  • Each shareholder is equally valued, regardless of their share ratios. Shareholders are encouraged to freely use all means of communication and express their opinions.
  • Financial status, current corporate structure and any modifications, commercial activities and performance are clearly and periodically updated and notified to each shareholder. Shareholders can attain the desired information with low cost and on a timely manner.
  • No employee abides pressure or accepts financial benefits to the detriment of shareholders.


  • The company operations are carried out on the basis of the applicable legal regulations, the articles of association, internal regulations and policies.
  • The company applies all of the applicable national laws, legal restrictions on national and international scale in its acts.
  • Company respects the rights and freedom of employees and other related persons and entities.
  • The company is committed to acting honestly and competing fairly before the competitors in the sector and expects the same diligence from all other parties.
  • All employees offer their cooperation and support to the internal audits intended to monitor the compliance of company activities with legal regulations and internal regulations.

Utilization of Resources

  • Utmost attention is paid in utilization of all tangible and intangible resources and the brand of the company. The company resources are not used for personal purposes, expenditures, gifts, donations and political aids.
  • Establishing financial relations with the customers and entities conducting business on behalf of the company, gaining and seeking benefits is considered an indirect use of the Company’s tangible and intangible assets.
  • The company employees are obliged to apply all necessary security procedures and to protect computer hardware and electronics, work machines, transport vehicles, other fixtures and properties against theft and use of unauthorized individuals.
  • All employees exercise utmost care in Company expenditures and act with a conscious of saving and costs.


  • Relations with customers, suppliers and other persons and entities are based on honesty, trust, consistency, professionalism, independence, long-term relations and respecting mutual benefits.
  • The reliability of contracts is very important and commitments are always kept.
  • The purpose in services and products is to achieve superior quality and to fully meet the customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Any acts restricting free trade are avoided; no attempts to discredit the competitors or misleading advertisements are engaged.
  • The confidential information and trade secrets of the Company, as well as personal details of employees and customers are kept confidential. All donations of the company are notified to all stakeholders and the public in line with the relevant procedures.
  • The company always aims to improve relations with partners adopting the ethical values.


  • The company undertakes the duty of protecting the individual dignity and legal rights of employees. The necessary environment is provided for the employees to work in a safe and healthy environment. No type of discrimination or abuse is tolerated.
  • The company establishes the workplace policies in constant communication with employees in consideration of their wishes.
  • Employees uphold their responsibility to protect and improve the Company’s reputation. Within this framework, all employees pay attention to adhere to the laws and general ethical rules.
  • Employees make the best use of their work hours and avoid engaging in personal affairs (except for emergencies) during work hours.
  • Employees do not use confidential and non-public information about the Company to the benefit of themselves or third parties.
  • Employees do not accept direct or indirect gifts or attain any other benefits in relation to the Company businesses, or accept debts from the persons and companies associated with the Company.
  • In addition to individual and professional training, the employees are trained on first aid, earthquake, fire and other natural disasters.

Public Disclosure and Public Relations

  • All contacts with investors, financial analysts, press members and similar parties are carried out in accordance with the “Information Policy” established by the Company.
  • Statements given to press organizations, publications in the press and attending conferences as speakers are subject to the rules stipulated in the internal regulations of the Company, as well as the approval of the CEO and/or the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Social Responsibility

  • The Company acts responsibly and observes rules for protection of environment and natural life, consumer rights and public health.