Human Resources Practices

Selection and Recruitment
The fundamental objective of the recruitment process in our company is to select the “right person for the right job”. In line with this objective, the most important factor in the recruitment process is to select and recruit the persons whose working qualifications meet the criteria of open positions and who can accompany us for long years in our path to success.

The recruitment process involves job posting on the human resources portals that help us as corporate solution partners. All applications are carefully evaluated to identify the most suitable applicants for the open positions, who are then called for interviews. The interviews may include personality tests as well as qualification-based assessments and skill tests. Following the interview, the required personal criteria, education and experience are evaluated to identify the most qualified applicants and work packages are offered by Karsusan.

After determining the right applicants in the recruitment process and reaching mutual agreement, the orientation training begins, which is equally important. The purpose of orientation training is to provide general information to new hires on the company and its history, company structure, working conditions, products&services and operational processes as well as personnel orientation to the work and the business. With the orientation process, the new hires adapt to the business, the company and the working environment more quickly.

Career Planning and Management
We apply a Career Planning System to maintain a high motivation, to increase loyalty among the personnel and to achieve permanent objectives through cooperation. This system involves periodical assessment and scoring of employee performance, achievement, performance of targets and award&penalty scores. The assessments play an active role in the career planning and management of our employees.

Performance and Wage Management
For our company, personnel loyalty and long-term team work are among the most important elements. In line with this objective, the wage management and fringe benefits of employees are organized in consideration of the abilities and qualities required for each position. This evaluation also considers the inflation rate, company’s target to actual ratio and target performances of individuals.

Development and Motivation Management
Our company carefully executes motivational processes to ensure that the employees work in a more comfortable, peaceful environment with high sense of commitment in order to improve the business performance. For this purpose, we organize events to bring all employees together for social cohesion and sharing ideas. We also conduct periodical surveys for personnel feedback on business and work environment satisfaction, implementing various development programs for the employees and keeping track of such processes to improve motivation.