Karsusan Company in 19.04.1976, under the leadership of the Turkish Industrial Development Bank, karsusan company was left behind by Turkey. to evaluate the products of the region in its regions with labor, intensive industry, from the World Bank
tax, duty exemption, 100% customs exemption and investment by using the credit they provide.
it has been established under the status of publicly traded joint stock company by using incentives such as deduction.

As one of the leading companies in fish flour and fish oil production sector since 1976, Karsusan Karadeniz Aquaculture Industry, Inc. by constantly growing and growing develops and serves.

The main activity of our company is fish flour / fish oil production because it is seasonality activities take place during the fish season. Negative effect of seasonal income on company income MMC real estate, which operates in real estate sector in order to reduce its effects Mining Industry and Trade A.S. Acquired in 2017 and operating in the real estate sector added to our fields. Karsusan is also supported at the same time, funding opportunities, profitable by growing with investment and efficient production, it continues to exist in the sector with sure steps.

Our company during the year, fish oil and fish flour continue to produce by increasing its target.

Mr. Masum Çevik, with a 30% share of our company, is the largest partner of our company. On 09.08.2013
he took part in the Board of Directors with the elections held at the ordinary General Assembly meeting of 2015.
He was the Chairman of the Board of Directors.