Wage Policy

A) Members of the Board of Directors

Wages and attendance fees of the Members of the Board of Directors are set by the general assembly in the annual ordinary general assembly.

The company’s long-term objectives are taken into account in establishing the basis for the wages of the Board Members.

The basis for the wages of Independent Members does not take account of the share options or the company’s performance.

All expenses made by the Board Members for the purpose of their duties are compensated by the Company.

B) Senior Executives and Employees

The wages of Senior Executives are determined in consideration of the company size, long-term objectives and the skills and positions of individuals within the framework of the Company’s personnel policies and the general economic and market data.

The premiums of Senior Executives are calculated according to their individual performances, as well as the company’s performance.

The total amount of payments paid to Senior Executives and the Board Members in a certain year is notified to the shareholders during the general assembly meeting in line with the CMB Corporate Management Principles and the relevant regulation.